Bharat Inclusion Seed Fund has been setup to encourage and support innovative ventures that are leveraging technology to build inclusive solutions for India's Next Half Billion in areas including financial inclusion, livelihood, education and health.

Our Thesis

We believe that technologies and platforms such as JAM, and the India Stack amongst others, have vastly reduced the cost structures to deliver products in finance and other spaces - enabling significant market expansion extending to previously unviable markets. These new markets will likely require fundamentally different products and customised business models. Our belief is that new players will bring in the fresh thinking, creativity and entrepreneurial energy required to succeed in these markets. When they succeed, they will increase the depth of inclusion and formalization in the country.

Our Approach

These are tough areas and startups seeking to tap this opportunity face a landscape of unknowns. Patient and committed capital, strategic and tactical guidance, and knowledge and market access will be the determinants of success.

We partner early, at the seed and pre-Series A stages, and remain deeply engaged along every step of the startup's journey.

Our Portfolio